Inheriting an oenological expertise since 1996, James Darsonville has created the absolute Champagne glass. Never in the history of Champagne has a man thought so much about the well-being of Champagne in its chalice and the pleasure of tasting it.


Buvant, the most intimate part of the glass, a fine mouth-blown

Chambre d’olfaction, necessary for the development of the aromas of Champagne, it imprisons, concentrates and releases the nuances of the wine.

Calice, imagined by Darsonville, close to the Golden number, it is filled to 1/5 of Champagne for an optimal expression.

Sablage, made glass by glass by hand. It ensures the diffusion of Champagne bubbles and the release of CO2 (carrier of aromas) by nucleation. It also allows to avoid the oxidation phenomenon in the glass after a few minutes of service. Sandblasting is the guarantee of a precise reading of your Champagne.

Jambe, Long, elegant, thin but not fragile. It can be washed in a professional machine but also in a quality household dishwasher.

Verre de Champagne R1996

The Promodel R.1996

The Darsonville R.1996 is the result of a calisse in perfect harmony with the wines of Champagne with a contemporary, elongated and aesthetic version.


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